Could You Conquer The Green Man?

A challenging 30 or 45 mile multi-terrain ultramarathon that loops around the city of Bristol following the Community Forest Path.
Enter The Green Man Ultra

What is The Green Man Ultra?

The Green Man Ultra is a 30 or 45 mile race around the city of Bristol, following the distributed woodland of the Community Forest Path. The event is run by Ultra Running Limited and consists of four well-stocked checkpoints, chip timing, online tracking, and pacers running at 9, 10, 11 and 12 hour times.

Running in spring, the race is often muddy, providing challenging conditions, but the stunning backdrop of the city and countryside surrounding it more than makes up for it.

If you fancy taking on the course during drier weather then The Midnight Express runs the same route in August, in reverse to the spring route - but starting at midnight and running around the city as it sleeps. This is not an event for those scared of the dark!

Woodwose: Anybody who conquers the 45 mile Green Man Challenge around the Community Forest Path is termed a Woodwose, from the Old English wuduwāsa or wood-being, regardless of gender. Woodwose is the proper name for the wild men and wild women that haunted the imaginary forests of medieval Europe and is entirely appropriate for anyone mad enough to conquer the Community Forest Path.