Could You Conquer The Green Man?

A challenging 30 or 45 mile multi-terrain ultramarathon that loops around the city of Bristol following the Community Forest Path.
The Winter Green Man Ultra The Summer Green Man Ultra

What is The Green Man Ultra?

The Green Man Ultra is a 30 or 45 mile loop around the beautiful city of Bristol, following the distributed woodland of the Community Forest Path. The event is run by Ultra Running Limited and consists of four well-stocked checkpoints, chip timing, and pacers running at 9, 10, 11 and 12 hour times.

The race is run twice a year, once in the winter and again in the summer, offering two very different experiences of the course. The winter event is often muddy, providing challenging but fun conditions, and the summer event is more firm underfoot and faster to run. For added variation, the two events are also run in opposite directions.

Or as an alternative to the races, you can do the GMU Challenge any time of the year to suit yourself. So long as you can provide evidence of your run through Strava or Garmin or a.n.other similar medium, you can earn yourself a bespoke medal, bespoke certificate, and entry into the Book of Woodwose by “The Gaveller”.

Whichever challenge you choose, the stunning backdrop of the city and countryside surrounding it more than makes up for it.