Race Review – Green Man Ultra 30 (The Green Boy)

6 days after the Loch Ness Marathon I found myself standing at the start of GMU 30, the Green Man Ultra (you know, the one in Ira’s book)’s little brother The Green Boy in a pub car park in Keynsham. It was 11am and I realised that the shit that had happened in the year, the sickness and the injuries were just tests. And despite getting low, feeling defeated you get over all the obstacles. And this, a self-nav 30 mile ultra (yes, I had bungled down from the 45) was just another test. And on it I would be joined by one of the greatest people I have met on my running journey, the table dancing sweetheart, young Keith Miller @teef2….

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Changes for 2019 – GMU Buckles!

Coming in 2019 – The GMU in March is being re-branded The Winter GMU and we are adding another permanent race to the calendar – the Autumn GMU in September. Completion of both events in the same year will entitle you to the GMU Buckle – and it doesn’t stop there! There will be a series of four buckles available, dependent on you accumulative finishing time. The March event is always guaranteed to provide muddy and wet conditions, and the Autumn event should be much drier and faster. To add to the experience, the September event will be run in reverse!

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